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66-Quart Clear Latching Storage Tote

18 Reviews

This clear storage bin with purple latching handles is great for having in your garage, basement and more. Use it for any belongings such as sporting equipment, seasonal items and anything you want to store. Grab a few more (each sold separately) and stack them on top of each other. This bin is ideal for moving day or using around the home.


Model Number: 17571706
SKU(s): 170005493
  • Ideal for storing sports equipment, accessories, seasonal clothing, and more
  • Clear lid and base for easy identification of contents
  • The indexed lid allows multiple units to be stacked, (each sold separately)
  • Indexed lids allow for storage boxes to stack neatly on one another


  • Model number: 17571706
  • 23.63″L x 16.38″W x 13.25″H
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 66 qt.
  • End use location: Indoor
  • Assembly required: No

Latest reviews

  1. Dorian parrish (verified owner)

    Got these to stack in the closet good buy came fast nothing broken and I’ll be getting more to use as planters for my fruit trees love them

  2. Molang (verified owner)

    The storage containers arrived on time and in great condition. The containers are very sturdy and well worth every penny spent. I am currently using the containers to store my family’s winter and athletic shoes versus leaving them out on a shoe rack to collect dirt and dust. My husband wears a size 12 shoe and his shoes fit just right. Plan to purchase more containers in the future to store additional shoes or even other items. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  3. Izadora Duncan (verified owner)

    Great bin for storing sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, jackets, towels. You can see the contents, keep out dust and moths, stack them.

  4. D. L. Jordan (verified owner)

    We use these totes all the time. Very sturdy and the perfect size to fit on our metal shelves in our basement. They hold a lot without being too heavy, and you can see what’s in them easily. You can also stack them on each other, and the lids are easy to lock on and unlock. Came well packaged and quickly. Would recommend this seller. A++

  5. Sharon Bowman (verified owner)

    I needed these for my book shelf on my office area at home. They hold a lot of interesting stuff. I had a bunch of jewelry that would not fit in my jewelry boxes so I used several of these as you can see into them and know what is on them. Also I used them for other items I needed to store items into. Great boxes and a great price for 6 of them.

  6. Sheila O (verified owner)

    This is perfect for the storing clothes that don’t need for several months—all your winter clothes in the summer and vise versa. My closet is definitely more organized with these. I also like that they are stackable and transparente so I can see what is in them in case I need to pull something from them. And best thing about them is the closure clasps!

  7. Raleigh man (verified owner)

    Bins are nice for keeping stored things together and increasing vertical storage so more gets stored per bin footprint. Six is a good number to start without breaking the bank, but you will likely find that more bins means more efficiency.

  8. Neil Anthony (verified owner)

    Excellent storage containers, just the right size. Clothes with clamps that function very well. Clear so you can see what’s inside. I’m very happy with these storage containers in the way they stack.

  9. Lan Dinh (verified owner)

    Big and in perfect condition despite the box damage. Stores a ton of things and clips easily. I was hoping to use for a hamster cage but my hamster died… Still good storage box, very big

  10. Noel Cowden (verified owner)

    Received in top condition and on time, well packaged/boxed and all as advertised.
    Containers are heavy and commercial in size and weight and so very useful. Love the
    clear look so contents can be recognized from the outside. thank you

  11. Msbral (verified owner)

    These don’t have the super lock handles of the higher quality pricier Rubbermaid bins, but they do a pretty good job if stored inside in dry conditions. I’m happy with them!

  12. Kristy (verified owner)

    We bought these to help organize some items in our basement. Very durable and sturdy. Great for stacking and keeping everything protected. Would definitely buy again.

  13. Charla Taylor (verified owner)

    Perfect to pack my quilts, blankets, extra pillows for dust free storage. They stack well too. Recommended for stackable storage needs of all kinds.

  14. Shayla Flowers (verified owner)

    Very sturdy and great space. The locking mechanism could be a little more sturdy… but very liked and will order more to continue the organization of the garage.

  15. Olivia (verified owner)

    I picked this size so I can stack them two deep in my garage overhead storage. Being able to see what is stored in them really helps

  16. M. Bush (verified owner)

    The shorter height made it easier to move the boxes once filled with items. I also like that you can see what’s in the boxes

  17. Caitlin (verified owner)

    Awesome bins for storage in my classroom!! Store all my holiday decorations in them and they can fit 2 stacked!!

  18. Gusto (verified owner)

    See through and good for toting from one place to another. Just look at the tote you know what inside.

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This clear storage bin with purple latching handles is great for having in your garage, basement and more. Use it for any belongings such as sporting equipment, seasonal items and anything you want to store. Grab a few more (each sold separately) and stack them on top of each other. This bin is ideal for moving day or using around the home.

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